Mental Health Resources

 We understand that students need social-emotional support and a caring environment to help them reach their personal and academic goals. We provide a robust continuum of mental health supports and a trauma-informed approach in all of our schools. Over the past three years we have greatly increased our investment in mental health staffing, training, and support. We also benefit from strong partnerships that provide additional services, linkages to community resources, and professional development.

How Do I Know if My Child Needs Mental Health Support?

Some signs that may indicate your child could benefit from mental health support include:

Change in emotional state: Mood swings that are more severe than usual, increased frequency/length of angry outbursts, or long-lasting periods of sadness or worry.
Change in activity level: Having significantly more or less energy than usual that impacts his/her/their ability to perform daily tasks.
Behavioral Difficulties: Extreme tantrums inappropriate for age, aggressive or destructive actions.
Change in sleep, appetite, or self-care: Trouble falling/staying asleep, decreased need for sleep, or sleeping much more than usual; significant weight gain or loss; neglecting his/her/their hygiene.
Avoidance or Withdrawal from Family & Friends: Seeks isolation and stops engaging with previously enjoyable activities.
Unresolved Grief or Trauma Exposure: Prolonged emotional or behavioral distress following a death/loss or fearful experience.
Suicidal or Self-Harm Thoughts, Statements, or Behaviors: Talks, writes, or draws about wanting to die or engages in self-harm behaviors (hitting, cutting).If your child demonstrates any of these warning signs, you should treat this as an EMERGENCY and call immediately at 202-481-1440.

The Mental Health Team is available to discuss your child’s individual needs and how he/she/they can be best supported.

How to Contact the Mental Health Team at Your School

To contact the mental health team and your child’s school, please fill out the appropriate school request form below by clicking the link and a member of our mental health team will be in touch. IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, please call at 202-481-1440 for 24/7 emergency psychiatric support.

CampusSchoolRequest FormUpcoming Parent Workshops
Benning CampusLEAP Academy
Promise Academy
KEY Academy
Douglass CampusDiscover Academy
Heights Academy
AIM Academy
㽶Ƶ College Preparatory㽶Ƶ College Preparatory
㽶Ƶ Legacy College Preparatory㽶Ƶ Legacy College Preparatory
Shaw CampusGrow Academy
Lead Academy
WILL Academy
Smilow CampusArts & Technology Academy
Quest Academy
Valor Academy
Webb CampusConnect Academy
Spring Academy
Northeast Academy
Wheeler CampusPride Academy
Inspire Academy
Honor Academy
The Learning Center

District of Columbia Mental Health Services

Contact the District Mental Health Hotline at 1-888-793-4357 for support around stress and anxiety related to COVID-19
Contact the District Access Help Line at 1-888-793-4357 for ongoing mental health services or emergency psychiatric services.

Mental Health Partnerships

This school year, 㽶Ƶ is partnering with two community-based organizations, and to expand the mental health supports we provide to students and families.  Community-based clinicians currently work in several 㽶Ƶ schools and offer counseling to students and families, social service resources, dental services, medical referrals, and much more.

We are also partnering with MedStar Georgetown’s , which provides guidance and support to 㽶Ƶ teams as well as direct psychological and psychiatric services for students and families.